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 Product List

3E has developed dozens of solutions to meet your specific water treatment needs.  We will work with you to ensure your 100% satisfaction.  Our products below are quoted on an individual basis.

water treatment solutions and chemicals
Wastewater Treatment



E-1190  -  liquid, cationic, for oily water emulsions, complex phosphate

E-1154  -  liquid, cationic, for oily applications, alkaline cleaner clarification

E-293    -   liquid, cationic, iron based blend

E-292    -   liquid, aluminum based coagulant.

E-3188  -  liquid, cationic emulsion, broad based applications

E-13656B - liquid, cationic, emulsion branched for broad waste application


E-3640 - liquid, anionic, alkaline emulsion for wastewater/plating wastewater

E-1668 - dry granular, anionic alkaline wastewater – plating, drilling, mud 

E-750 -   emulsion, well suited for salt water, mining application

E-1951 -  cationic emulsion, highly charged good for wide variety of wastes  

E-2808 -  dry granular, cationic highly charged good for variety of wastes  

Filtration Media

Perlite - Fully natural and chemically inert, perlite is affordable and highly effective for myriad filtration applications

Diatomaceous Earth - light, porous, and friable sedimentary rock that is composed of the siliceous shells of diatoms, unicellular aquatic plants of microscopic size

E-1677 - liquid, all-in-one treatment

E-444 - liquid, corrosion inhibitor





CoolingTower  Treatment


E-2525 - liquid, 15% sodium hypochlorite

E-5555 - liquid, corrosion inhibitor

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